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Portable Speaker K50L

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with USB,TF card,FM radio

2.0 channel with Super Bass EQ,Compatible indoor and outdoor usage,Colorful LED light with fashional appearance.

Characteristic Data:

  • 1.Output Power:RMS 10W

  • 2.Speaker Unit:Woofer 4”*1pcs + 1.5” Tweeter*1pcs

  • 3.Frequency:80HZ-20KHZ

  • 4.Input voltage:AC-DC 5V

  • 5.Built In battery: 3.7V 2000mah

  • 6.Product Size: 300*110*230MM

Function and features:

  • 1.Support MP3 format music from TF card, U disk.

  • 2.Connect 3.5mm AUX cable to speaker socket AUX ,can enjoy the music from mobile,Mp3,table PC,etc

  • 3.With Bluetooth function

  • 4.Support FM radio

  • 5.With Karaoke 6.3mm socket.

  • 6.Volume control:Main/Mic Volume/Mic Echo

  • 7.Full function remote control    



  • 1.remote control 1pcs 

  • 2.Aux cable 1pcs

  • 3.USBcharge cable 

  • 4.Manual 1pcs  




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