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Lark Group Limited:

Guangdong Wansheng Sicience and Technology Co.,ltd

Adds:Block D,No 1, Ecological Industrial Zone,Fengshun county,Meizhou City,Guangdong Province,China.

Tel:0753-6665222    Fax:0753-6660695

Email:ken@larkcn.com / angel@larkcn.com

Lark Electronics Co.,Ltd

Adds:Bldg B,Yushan Industrial Zone,Shiyan Town,Bao An District,Shenzhen City,China

Tel:0755-27656301   Fax:0755-27656282

Email:ken@larkcn.com / angel@larkcn.com

Xing Da Electronic Component Co.,Ltd     

Adds:Flat A,9F,Wah Kit Commercial Centre,300-302 Des Voeux Road Central,Hongkong.

Tel:+852-31015018   Fax:+852-28022861

Email:ken@larkcn.com / angel@larkcn.com



Contact: Ken Feng

Phone: +86-13316953335

Tel: 0755-27656928

Email: ken@larkcn.com

Add: Bldg B,Yushan Industrial Zone,Shiyan Town,Bao An District,Shenzhen,China

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