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Bluetooth Speaker L29

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with USB,TF card,FM radio


■Bluetooth version: Jerry V 5.0

■Bluetooth protocols: A2DP, AV RCP, AV DTP, HSP, HFP

■Bluetooth frequency: 2.402 GHz – 2.480 GHz

■Rated voltage: DC 3.7 V

■Built-in lithium battery: 3.7 V / 1800 mah

■Speaker specifications: 77mm/3Ω/10W

■Charging voltage: DV - 5V / 1000 mA

■Charging time: 2.5±0.5 hours

■Playback time: 2-3h

■TF supported formats: up to 32G (MP3 / WAV music format)

■Bluetooth distance: 10M

■Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥83db Product 



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